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TeamVOX Lacrosse

The ultimate voice-activated mobile team and player stats management system.
Connecting coaches, organizers and your athletics community
See how TeamVOX brings your team community together, all season long.

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Team Management
  • Athletes
  • Games
  • Seasons
  • Communicate with Fans
Capture Statistics using your smart phone with voice recognition technology
  • Organizations
  • Athletes
  • Sponsors
  • Fans
As a coach, recording team stats from the sidelines is no simple matter. Your attention is always on the move, from monitoring the action on the field to prepping incoming players to gathering the key statistics that will lead to wins.
TeamVOX combines the power and convenience of your smart phone, the ease of voice-recognition technology, and an expert perspective on community athletics needs to give you the ultimate team and player management system.

  • Manage all your team information, from game schedules to player statistics to fan and family communications.
  • Capture stats as they happen – right from the sidelines – using your Android device and the TeamVOX app with voice recognition.
  • Manage team and player statistics’
  • Synchronize information with the cloud for immediate, up-to-date accuracy.
As a team organizer, you know your team stats are more than just a useful as a coaching tool. Players want accurate measurements of their progress. Parents want to know how their athletes measure up. And all want to share accomplishments with friends and family.